Sunday, May 31, 2009


We have had over a week of afternoon monsoons. Hardly anybody is complaining about it - it's so very exotic for 'round these parts. Rain in the afternoon. Rain in the evening. Rain meaning a very big drop or two of something wet from the sky - so big and so wet that you are sure it's a bird dropping and check. Cycling in it has been wonderful.

We are still getting an appearance of that hot yellow orb in the sky and a large enough dose that many of us are plenty nut brown enough for the season.

Some of the tomato plants are taller than me.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Bitch runneth over

Tricia to Zach P. after he said "thanks" for hosting card night: I seem to have turned into a caustic bitch. I must apologize to Konrad. Glad you like Tricia v. 2.0 even if nobody else does.

I called Konrad a "pussy" at cards the other night. Folks thought it was funny because I want people to like me so badly that I tend not to say things like that. The sad thing is that my personality has changed a lot over the last half year. Chalk it up to the chain of events - the subpoena on Christmas Eve to testify against the beater next door, the 3+ months of sleeplessness from switching over to the insulin pump, the household bouts of gastroenteritis, the coming down from a great trip to New Zealand....I reckon stuff happens to most everyone. Why the hell can't I grow thicker skin and just get on with it?

Chatted w/ Matt about it, asked for a bit of help, but allowed myself to acknowledge the absolute rage I sometimes feel. I'm feeling better already.

There's no going back to the relentlessly cheerful and unrealistic Tricia v. 1.0. It is probably for the best.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

summer is here

Pimientos de Padron. Calvin Trillin and Peter Keen were right. These are pretty damned good.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day five post op

and only the sutures hurt a wee bit now.
Wow. There are benefits to being a bit younger and a bit fitter going into surgery!
There is a hummingbird nest building outside the bay window. I am honored and thrilled.
Matty and I are going to eat the first wave of Padron peppers. They set a bit early this year. I am honored and thrilled.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mental holiday

That will be me enjoying the blissed out, if only slightly barfy, morphine induced sleep tonight. Going into Mammoth Hospital to have young, intrepid, ready-for-tv Dr. Perry remove the two drywall screws that I feel when I sit on the loo and the angle plate embedded in my upper femur that aches when the weather turns cold.

All this to get the legs ready for my second femoral osteotomy, hopefully this fall.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Not that I want to think about Babbo's sex life - other than hope he has a happy one

but poor fella will also never really get to experience the pleasure of falling into post-coital sleep.
Diabetics on insulin pumps who disconnect their pumps for intercourse often give themselves terrible overnight highs by falling asleep without plugging back in.

Oh, the things we take for granted!

Earliest year for fruitset that I can remember

The Padron peppers and the tomatoes I set in walls o water over a month ago are setting fruit reliably. We are going to have weather in the high eighties for the next few days. Long hot summer ahead, Kids?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I felt sad for Babbo tonight

He's had a stomach flu (yes, yes, was worried a bit there that it was H1N1, but the stomach flu is what's going around town and his symptoms fill the slots). He's been all over the map blood glucosewise. His energy levels are so low that I barely recognize him. We haven't done much other than to be close by to check his urine ketones (also all over the map), check his blood glucose, push water, push food, and push or withhold insulin.

Good thing for the Internet. I sit here and surf and post until something else needs doing.

At any rate, today, I was reminded that even with all our interventions, his numbers do sometimes go haywire. As an adult, he'll have to work at not being alone on days like this because his judgment can become impaired and his impairment can kill him. Man, as if the pressure of finding a nice partner, nice friends, etc. isn't hard enough.

Sobering thoughts for the mother of a little kid with this lifelong disease.

It is late, though, and it is close enough to 2 am to see if the mega correction of insulin and the catheter site change I gave him an hour ago worked....