Friday, March 28, 2008

This was the month the boy turned three

Matt and I are not normal parents. We have yet to have a "proper" birthday party for the boy. No, all his birthdays have meant a month of cakes, surrounded by adults [see hand holding pint] who [mostly] love him.

One day, I will get my act together and put together a party for Wyatt that features children! games! party favors!

Wyatt did love his Cars (registered trademark goes here) cake topper. When you are a diabetic, who needs the cake?

Thanks Birch for the really lovely photo.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Houston, we have contact

with Ian Blink Jorgenson, New Zealand's own fly by the seat of his pants music impresario. I've been sending him annoying "Ooh, please put in a good word for Bishop when bands you know come to Americker" notes for going on two years now.

Looks like we might be on for a house concert featuring Over the Atlantic at the Spruce Hoose sometime around Earth Day. Awesome! It won't be as big of a production as was for the Phoenix Foundation, but I am fairly confident that it will be worth everyone's while.

The Bishop operatives are ready. Derik "Bless 'im" Olson has already volunteered his PA system.

Let's do this thing.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

vestiges of a girlie girl

Naomi treated me to my first mani and pedicure the other weekend. I still kind of freak out when I catch glimpses of my shiny toes. Thanks, Easter Bunny!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pino Pie redux

The Pinos are moving back to New Zillund, but not before I have the chance to buy the last of their frozen backstock of steak and guinness and steak and cheese and chicken meatpies!

Bought 48 of 'em yesterday. I'm so grateful that Dulcie gave me a ring.

Got to hang out with the Pinos for a bit, and that young Solomon made me pine for a cooing, sweet, endearing six month old baby. Scary. THAT has NEVER happened before.

But, luckily, Matty and I are still happily smug with our one child-selves.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Proof positive that my potty mouth needs to stop

A few weeks back, Wyatt and I cycled home from the doctor's, and we went by some horse pastures that were flooded.

Wyatt: Holy ships Mommy, water!
Mommy: what?
Wyatt: Holy ships! Water! Holy ships!

Holy schmoly. It is the end of innocence. I tried to teach him that "schmoly" would be okay, but maybe not "ships." Only problem is, "holy ships" has entered the grown ups' vernacular, and we seem to use it every day.

Monday, March 03, 2008

he loves his trucks, too

Thanks Paul and Sheila in France for the new trucks!

The boy dug my Dragon Lady shoes

The night we snuck away for Michelle's birthday party down at Rossi's, I let the boy traipse around in my Chinese Dragon Lady heels.

He's wearing his cool and sad tee of a bear watching tv in the woods.

We call this picture "Portrait of a Wallace in Drag."

All roads leading to Bishop this weekend

I keep telling Matty we need another trailer.

Doreen, whom all of us had a crush on in Hong Kong, will be here this weekend. It will be good to see her again, and if she has a good enough time with us rednecks, she'll drag her lovely easy going funny Patrick out on their next trip West. They are our glamorous friends who live in Manhattan. I've missed geeking out about film and pop music with them.

Michelle, sans motorbike, will be here, bearing samosas from the big city. Bless. She and Davey will do some climbing. Michelle is getting ready to make her move up to Bishop for a serious climbing summer. I am hoping that Michelle and Doreen find that they are somewhat kindred spirits. They are aficionados of slightly twisted documentaries and feature films.

Davey and Naomi will be enjoying the few quiet months before Sproglette Hansen makes her (that's my guess, a girl) appearance. I'm so excited for them. They will be great parents, and Wyatt will have a "cousin!"

Oh, and Rodney in Wellington saw the Phoenix Foundation play the Newtown Festival the other day and reported that Luke Buda mentioned that the band just finished recording a song with a Bishop reference in it. Holy hell. Wow and all that. The sun shines bright on my high desert, alright. (Unless, of course, the song goes, "There's a town in the desert/and it's such a mighty s*&^hole....")