Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Before this becomes habit

Matt and I are getting so close to dialing in those insulin doses. It's not going to be a moment too soon, either. I fear that this insomnia will become a longterm habit (I've been warned it can from a girlfriend who has been there and is still doing that).

Counting the excitement of going to New Zealand, I haven't slept more than a few hours uninterrupted since mid-February.

Did a bomber run down to Childrens for a gastro appointment Monday/Tuesday. Was a bit concerned about the swine flu, but in the end, we just had to go. Wyatt can stay on the Prevacid (proton pump inhibitor) for as long as it takes for him to outgrow this GERD (acid reflux).

Three cheeers!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Group hug, Kiwi-style

I have found my calling and it is plying pork products on Kiwi musos.

Disasteradio's show was so much fun. It was hot and sweaty with heaps of enthusiasm, on his part and ours. Black Sheep baristi Elliot and Reed did a great job interpretive dancing with Karen through the set. I danced my ass off, even with a splinter in my bare foot. My unoperated hip hurt like hell for days, but it was worth it.

It was another stone soup production with folks rallying around to help and donate time, gear, gifts, and muscle. Karen, Janet, and I turned the room from living room to dancehall in less than half an hour.

I got a bit nervous as the potluck had already started, and the Disasteradio crew were nowhere in sight. Blink, is a man good to his word, though, and he got everybody to Bishop with plenty of time to spare. They were coming from Vegas and stopped to experience the hottest weather they'd ever experienced. It was all of 100.4 degrees [Note to self, try not to book Kiwi bands in the dead of summer. They will die.].

Luke aka Disasteradio had just married his girlfriend Christina the night before in Vegas. They were giddy. Blink brought his beloved Sally on this tour. Yay! They all brought Simon Ward, a lovely and talented videographer and videomaker (see above). The show was very high energy and was particularly mesmerizing for me because the music meshed with the wee films so very well. Luke is a multitasker and can sing, twiddle with the knobs and dials, run a laptop, and control the disco ball we had with his foot.

The potluck was a hit. The next night, we had carnitas tacos for dinner, and the next morning, we had the local mahogany smoked thick sliced bacon (aka "crack bacon"). I made sure to cook the bacon slowly and not too crisp, like folks outside of the States like it. I was touched that they gave us bottles of Hawkes Bay wine and music pressies when they left. A few days have passed, and I'm still feeling the group hug.

Brainstorming now with friends on how to get Humphreys and Keen over to the States....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter, LA, and beyond

What a beautiful, fun, Easter at Macey's again this year. "The girls" and Marshall came and my dad drove up from Olancha for the day.

Monday, we spent a long, intense day at Childrens Hospital. We learned heaps. For all the high blood glucoses we've been having, we had the lowest A1C of 7.4 ever! The nurses explained that even with the high readings, our quick actions resulted in better overall averages.
Our eventual goal is to get an A1C of between 6 and 7.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Got outskied by a 4 year old today

Babbo didn't throw one hissy fit and skied until the Discovery Chair closed.
I only threw one minor hissy fit (about driving around the Mammoth Mountain lot) and skied until the Discovery Chair closed.
Babbo skis the fall line and can stop.
I can't ski the fall line and can stop (because I ski so slowly).

Babbo 1 Mommy Nil.

Oh, he can also do the near splits AND plow the snow with his helmeted head while skiing! Amazing.

I now know that Matty drinks mainly from the well of infinite patience. I, on the otherhand, drink from the well of impending crabbiness. Shit.