Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Iraq, Afghanistan....

On the Bush Administration: What hell hath these fuckers wrought? Bastards.

Okay, enough Tourette's-like outbursts for the day.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cool beans, our Summer Holiday is just around the corner

Starting to get excited about Laduree macarons in Paris, coffeeshop snooping in Amsterdam, and guezes and lambics in Brussels.

Loading up on DVDs and bribes for the long flights for the boy. Going to see Colin on our three hour layover in DC. We'll have a wander around the Smithsonian's storage hangar near Dulles and raise a pint or six.

Have fallen into the abyss that is Facebook. It is a bit like taking care of a tomogochi virtual self. The Ghost of Hong Kong 1997 is extremely well represented there. Actually, it's been fun to catch up with these friends and to have my virtual self play with their virtual selves.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pino Pies

Took our third delivery of pies from our local Pino Pies. They are still amazing. Steak and Guinness, Bacon and Egg, and Veg are our favorites. They even do mail order now, too.

2007 Camp

It was fun. Lovely. I stressed out over dumb things. I got the chance to go on a few walks, one by myself, and it was awesome. Michelle made some fantastic gin fizzes (I can still hear the sound of ice in the shaker) the first night. Matt picked out a lovely spot by Cottonwood Creek to pitch the tent. We drank and ate and slept well.
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Thursday, August 09, 2007

McLeod Camp - Cottonwood Creek

There is a group camp in the White Mountains this weekend. I have had some dread about it. Getting to camp involves a 2 mile hike in or a few technical moves in a high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Matt and Mark are going in today, and folks are going to stream in over the weekend. If one car gets caught in a rut or breaks an axle, all cars kind of get stuck where they are until the disabled car gets winched out. I keep thinking it's going to be me who gets stuck or worst, one of our friends with a more expensive truck with a carload of wains. Not fatal, but a real bummer for everyone.

My lovely in-laws have offered to caravan with me and the boy. We'll park up at the start of the hard 4 wheel drive bit and have a look at the two moves we have to make and decide whether to leg it or to drive it. (I'm actually looking forward to some hiking. The hips feel good. Did some goofy dancing at the brewsapalooza (Mammoth's own beer/blues festival) last weekend.

I got crabby at Matt because I felt that he was leaving me and the boy to our own devices in the backcountry. I guess it's just a matter of comfort level and mine is mighty small when it comes to driving down a one track, severely rutted, steep, and slippy road, with only a 2 year old as another set of eyes. To his credit, Matt said he intended to meet us at the technical bit and get us down.

To be continued.