Thursday, December 03, 2009

Bomber run to "Los Angelesh"* a success

  • Diabetes: Babbo's A1C fell .10 to 7.1. This is fantastic news and still vindicates the steep learning curve that came with switching to the insulin pump.
  • Gastro: Babbo still has GERD (acid reflux), but because he's thriving and growing, he can remain on Prevacid until the sphincters in his esophagus mature and start working.
  • Ate pho noodles, 1/2 a slice of Costco pepperoni pizza, dim sum, and chicken curry ramen. We might have died and gone to heaven.
  • My mom still has a good sense of humor and is in pretty good health. Same can be said about Auntie Tammy. I am grateful.
  • Had beignets and my first real coffee since coming home from the hospital. We dragged my mom to Lamill. I love that the place is pretentious, but that the staff are nice. Clover coffee might be a bit too extracted for me. We had a Kenya peaberry and some Guatamalan.
  • Saw Nik Brinkman, from Over the Atlantic, for a rushed espresso. He is recording a record in LA and staying close to Childrens (why don't they use an apostrophe?) Hospital. Matty, Babbo, and I dragged him to Intelligentsia, where he said he had his first Wellington style espresso drink since coming to LA nearly a month ago. It was fun to catch up on what he's doing and some extra New Zealand music news.
  • Between Costco and Childrens, walked/zimmered/crutched the length of several football fields and way hey, survived! Prior to this, I think I managed three trips to our mailbox.
  • Matty was a star and drove the whole trip. This is not an easy feat considering what a back seat driver I am. Oh, and I have a low tolerance for short breaking distances and am always bracing with my feet and hands. Give that girl a valium (not that I've ever had one).
*Babbo is playing with language and accents now. He calls LA "Los Angelesh" and sings his ABCs much like a singer with a vowel impediment would scat.

Chinese Ghetto Thanksgiving Stuffing

for my mystery Asian g'friend from years past:

cube and slightly dampen two loaves of cheap supermarket bread

Sautee together, sliced into 1/4" - 1/2" pieces:
chinese mushrooms
heart, gizzards, liver, etc. from the turkey
pack of bacon
sliced onion
whole celery
minced garlic (lots of it)
(you may add things like water chestnuts, chestnuts, etc.)

When all the items are wilted through, add (without draining the fat from the bacon, if you can stand it) the soggy bread and lots of oyster sauce to taste

press mixture into baking pans, place in oven the last 30 minutes of the turkey roast (350F oven)

I didn't use glass noodles, but maybe my dad did one year. It could be a nice addition, especially those fat Korean ones made out of sweet potatoes.