Sunday, December 25, 2011

"No, Babbo, it's gratitude, not attitude."

We went on a bomber run to Reno and had a nice visit with one of my mothers-in-law. I know in the scheme of things, the chance to be with our folks is finite. There was no drama. Nobody cried. The drive home through Smith Valley, Nevada, was glorious.

We're trying to walk that fine line by not spoiling the child, but damn if he isn't blessed with an embarrassment of riches from his four sets of grandparents, school nurse, friends, etc. Still, I had to remind him, "No, Babbo, it's gratitude, not attitude."

So, with this lesson in mind, I must say that I was personally grateful for the following this year:
  • our folks' relative health
  • our health
  • health insurance
  • frequent flier miles (can't use them any time soon, but they allow us the chance to dream, non?)
  • dual immersion Spanish at Bishop Elementary School
  • the first graders I am with on a weekly basis
  • the care I got from friends and family - it kept my head above water this year
  • work and seeing all my workmates and my dear Diane at Fallen Leaf Lake in Tahoe
  • getting to babysit Zartie the Black Lab a few times and not having our own dog - just yet
  • the fact that my dad has taken such good care of Judydog who is white faced and arthritic, but happy 
  • the mornings where Babbo and I walk a block to school - we're not late and we're just talking and holding hands and being
  • the quickie trip to Europe to see the Phoenix Foundation and being with dear people
  • the quickie trip to LA to goof off with Sue Brettingen, Steven Schayer, Marc Horton, Chantelle Patterson, Patria Jacobs, Martin Wong. It was the trip that made me fall in love with my hometown again.
  • the High Sierra Music Festival
  • the yellow I am painting the living room - it has helped with the winter blues
  • skiing en famille