Saturday, November 25, 2006

God save us from this lurg

So, after the long bout with the flu, got struck down like a fool with a bad cold. I knew that toddlers were effective vectors of disease and filth, but I had no idea.

Had a lovely solo sauna this evening. Take that gooey nose and lungs!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with one set of the inlaws (there are four) late. It was lovely. Easy. Bless.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Struck down with the lurg.
The boy has worn us down to a nubbin.
Los Angeles was fun. Ate some lovely tripe at the Mandarin Deli
and the Empress Dim Sum Emporium. Drank an incredibly rare
Drei Fonteinen Oude Kriek in Pasadena. Introduced the boy to
some lovely animals at the LA Zoo. Drank some lovely
not-to-sweet Sparkling Shiraz at the Silver Lake Wine Shop.

The Phoenix Foundation played another great set. Some new
songs offered lots of wall o' sound opportunities. Yeah! I wore 10 lb.
packer boots and danced it up with Karen. Could hardly walk the
next day. The fellows are just so hardworking, so lovely, so awesome.
Karen is a convert to the live Phoenix Foundation.

Folks seem subdued this Autumn. Some folks' relationships are ending, some folks are moving on.

We did go to a beautiful wedding up at the Buttermilks. While Keri and Nils were doing their vows over their rings, discussing what the ring signifies, there were two gorgeous hawks circling overhead. They could not have picked a better location for getting married.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We need a date

Matt, Karen, the boy, and I are going down to LA this Sunday. My mom and Auntie Tammy are going to watch the boy a few nights, and Matt and I are going to double date with the girls. It will be heaven.

AT is already in LA for business.

Our goal is to see Almodovar's Volver or the new Borat flick on Monday and to see The Phoenix Foundation at Spaceland on Tuesday. Zach might drive down from San Francisco to catch the show, too. Bless.

During the days, we'll hang with the boy and the family. We'll pilgrimage to some Chinese parts of town and get some dim sum and go to the zoo so the boy can bother the donkeys and horses.

Even in little ol' Bishop, Matt and I are so wrapped up in parenthood, work, potlucks, hosting friends (Rodney and Carla are here for the next month, waiting for their New Zealand emigration visas and Tom Scarvie came through on Monday night - Matt and Tom climbed Cathedral Peak in Yosemite), that we don't have much chance to go out like we used to - just as a couple.

With the stress of buying and renting out two houses, the friendship aspect of our relationship could probably use a fun date.