Sunday, July 05, 2009

Whoa, that is summer flying right by

We survived Meatfest '09.
We have been married 10 years. Matt spent the day with Joel, who'd never climbed Mt. Emerson before. I spent the day hunting and gathering at the shops and getting meat ready for Meatfest. Anniversary dinner to happen later in the week.
We had wonderful visit with Karen O's family from Decatur. We talked rock and roll. Our kids played until they nearly vomited from having to part. We drank cocktails. Matty and I played guard one night and slept outside of a canvas tent full of children while the coyotes howled in the nearby fields.
We had a very wonderful visit with Dave and Naomi and Owen. Dave and Naomi are such wonderful parents and Owen, who is now one, is nothing but love and kindness. I am so very happy for them. Naomi walked to the top of Mt. Whitney in a day. Kudos to her and her kind friends Phoebe and Gloria.
The Verniers stopped by for a few days, with Lucie's aunt, uncle, and cousin from Czech Republic in tow. I had forgotten about Lucie's wonderful laugh. They all taught me "Na Zdravie!" the Czech way to cheers.
We are having a very fine and easy visit with Motorcycle Michelle and Jascha, who spend most days conquering peaks.

I refused to run around like a headless chicken at the party, and it was good. I actually caught up with a few friends before I crashed and burned when I put Babbo down to bed. I only had two drinks for the six or so hours, but I was tired. I left the party early, put my greasy face and party clothes self on the bed and just went to sleep. Janet was kind to stay up to play cleaning elf into the wee hours.

But I am exhausted. Wyatt is home from preschol this coming week for teacher break.