Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don McGlashan at the Inyo Council for the Arts - One week and counting

I am forever indebted to the folks past and present who got us here. Now, fingers crossed for safe journeys to all, no road closures, lovely new fans, etc. etc.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

2,000 miles around the state

The Schoberlews hit the road.

We spent a gorgeous, wonderful, mellow, laid-back day enjoying music at the High Sierra Music Festival. Wellington's Black Seeds never got their visas in time, so they missed their set. Pity too. It was the most well-organized, kid friendly festival. The Carolina Chocolate Drops made me celebrate African-Americans (living in Bishop, African Americans are a rare sight) and bluegrass and traditional music and the March Fourth Marching Band (in their 20 piece incarnation - they can go up to 40) mgade us all fall in love with hot, young, sweaty, talented dancers and musicians.

Karen and AT were there. There was licensed and bonded affordable babysitting (we used it for 2 hours). It was grand. We had our own drinks. There was a great Greek-run gyros stand that Matt and I hit twice.

Went to Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa. Had a weird, but typical run-in w/ a Bay Area white liberal of a certain age and demographic who gave Babbo and me a hard time for not being Chinese enough and for not being Filipino. Whatever grad student lady.

Camped in Bolinas, the part of Marin County where the kind but loud homeless lady can ask the librarian, "Got any pictures of the Indian six-armed Elephant? I've been channeling to it." It is a community in a true sense of the word - the rich taking care of the poor and the poor absolving the rich of their guilt. Wait, did I say that? No, it was a neat place to visit, but after a few days of not seeing the sun, we were glad to get out.

Met up with the Federmans and Marshall Minobe in Santa Cruz where we at gorgeous Mexican ceviche (shrimp and octopus) for days and Matty made the floors shake at the roller rink.

Came home for a week and hit the road again for a bomber run to LA to see mothers, cousins, doctors at Children's Hospital LA.

The diabetes crept up a bit last quarter. Just have to be more proactive about dosing at odd hours, it seems.

We're wanting to give Babbo more positive experiences around his checkups, so we got a room at the Travelodge across the street from the Hospital and took to the streets of LA. We did our version of the "Three's Company" opening scene and cycled the Strand which runs between Venice and Santa Monica until we couldn't cycle anymore. We're all glad that we made that effort.