Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 8

Eighth day in a row that I've not been sick! Huzzah! Prior to this, the longest streak since December 17 had been a whopping three days. The viruses have rendered my arms funny - they tingle most of the time now- but eh, I'll take it.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Spring is coming and the boys have been here

Day 5 of feeling virus-free.
The Juncos, Sparrows, and House Finches (aka Sparrows dipped in red ink) are having breakky just outside the kitchen window.
The volunteer arugula has already bolted, even though it's been a cool winter.
The Hunzakut apricot tree hasn't blossomed - making this one of the later years in years.
Babbo is up at Mammoth at his ski lessons. Bless Matty for all those early Sunday morning starts.

Konrad came back from South America and spent a few weeks here before moving to the Coast for a while. Even though he's come and gone before, there was a bit more finality to this move, and I was wistful the day he left. He's been my practice 30 year old son. It was lovely to hang out with him, and it was lovely that he gave us a bottle of Bowmore.

Chris Dio came down from Juneau, Alaska, and spent a few nights here and there with us. It was lovely to see him again after the two or so years since he moved away. Babbo loved him very much and shouted "Uncle Chris!!!" every time he was downstairs in the morning.

Matty Birch is in the trailer. He plies me with cups of tea, and he's easy. Glad I don't have that crush on him anymore (going back six? seven? years now) - makes life much...simpler. He is here to climb those crazy hard boulders of his. He doesn't have that pressure he's had those other years to finish his project - and he seems more liberated and content.

Several hundred tomato and pepper seedlings potted up. Giving away half dozen to a dozen away each day, but at some point in the near future, my attention will turn outdoors and the seedlings with suffer. It is par for the course in spring.