Friday, December 17, 2010

An unnatural love

Perhaps even stranger is my excitement that if I have to self cater a fair few meals to swing this trip, there will be a Picard Surgeles around the corner. Foie Gras, escargots, and poor man's macarons, stuffing with prunes, chestnuts, and armagnac, await...not to mention the two meals I'm looking forward to - one of Auvergne-style tripe and the other of AAAA Andouillete.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

frequent flyer ticket booked!

Had the last hardware removal a little over a week ago and am laid up w/ crutches. Husband running around like a headless chicken pulling double duty. Child (who was diagnosed with diabetes three years ago today - what a long, strange trip it's been, indeed), a typical unfocused five year old, with a tendency to whine. Hard to believe it, but everyone is fine with me busting out of here, clompy shoes and boots blazing to go to Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris. There is one, hopefully more, Phoenix Foundation shows to catch. Bibi in Atlanta and Shannon in Bishop will be partners in crime this go 'round. I try to play Devil Woman to SC in St. Louis.

I know how incredibly lucky I am.